To promote educational growth and spiritual welfare, and to strive towards better understanding and cooperation between parents and teachers.

Monthly PTO board meetings are held from August through May. General meetings open to St. Martha School parents are held in September and Early Spring.

All monies earned by the PTO are given back to St. Martha School and it's students. These funds are primarily used to purchase new computer equipment and instructional supplies needed by the teachers.

The PTO hosts many activities and events throughout the year. Volunteers are needed, welcomed and most appreciated! Call a PTO Board Member or Chairperson and get involved today!

Used Uniform Sale
This sale is held one Sunday in July each year in the school cafeteria after 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. masses. School families are encouraged to bring their used uniforms to the cafeteria the previous day. Each clothing item should have an envelope attached to it indicating the seller's name, selling price and size of the item. Monies earned will be returned to the seller at the PTO table at school registration in August. Volunteers are needed to help display the items as well as helping with the money transactions.
Chairpersons: Deana Price & Ryan Shuff

Skating Parties
Eight skating parties are held throughout the school year at Robben's Roost. The parties are on 9/9/14, 10/7/14, 11/11/14, 12/2/14, 1/15/15, 2/5/15, 3/3/15, and 4/14/15 from 6:30-8:30 PM. Students receive a uniform break on a designated day for attending each skating party.
Chairperson: Jennifer Mitchell & Amy Schwoeppe

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
A luncheon to honor the St. Martha faculty and staff is held every year in March. Donations are collected from school families in November to fund the event. Volunteers are needed to help organize and work at the luncheon.
Chairperson: Kim Kraeszig & Kathy Robinson

Santa's Workshop
The Santa's Workshop provides the school children with an opportunity to purchase holiday gifts for family members and friends at reasonable prices (items range from 25¢ - $10.00). The workshop takes place during two school days in early December. Parent volunteers help inventory the merchandise, price items, setup and help the children shop.
Chairperson: Tara Kaelin & Jessica Hourigan

Spring Fling
Spring Fling is a children's festival held during the school day the Thursday before Derby. Carnival games are held at Bethany Center. Chances on various donated items are sold on this day too. Suggested amount for children to bring to school for this event is $5.00 - $10.00. Volunteers are needed to work in various booths and games.
Chairperson: Rhonda Schmuckie

Market Day
Market Day Food Co-op brings food products from several different well-known companies such as Tyson, Kraft, and Campbell's to be sold to you at competitive prices. Order forms are sent home monthly through Wednesday folders or food can be ordered on line at St. Martha receives 10% profit on the wholesale cost of each purchase. 
Chairperson: Open - Louise Brian, acting

Health Committee
The Health Committee is in charge of maintaining immunizations and physicals on each student. Annually, a Health Fair is held in which the Health Committee obtains information on each student in accordance with the Jefferson County Health Department (height, weight, hearing and vision tests, and scoliosis screening). All information is kept confidential and remains part of each student's permanent record at school. Also during the fair, various vendors bring interactive presentations on health topics that are important for our children to learn about. Volunteers are needed each year to help with these screenings.
Chairperson: Rhonda Schmuckie & Tina Walsh

Birthday Cupcakes
Each month a day is designated to celebrate all students' birthdays in that month. Every grade level takes a turn bringing in cupcakes during the year. Homeroom Parents coordinate volunteers to provide the cupcakes. Cupcakes should be brought to the office by 8:00am on Birthday Cupcake Day.
Chairperson: Jessica Hourigan & Dawn Ruiz

St. Martha Picnic Booth
The PTO runs a Basket Booth at the annual parish picnic. Volunteers are needed to work the booth both Friday and Saturday nights. Baskets are provided by primary, intermediate, and junior high levels. The baskets are raffled off on Friday and Saturday night of the picnic. Volunteers for basket coordinators are needed.
Chairpersons: Deana Price & Ryan Shuff

Homeroom Parents
Homeroom Parents assist with the school holiday parties as well as making emergency phone calls when necessary. The homeroom moms need volunteers to assist with the parties, provide treats or cupcakes for special events and help with Spring Fling.
Chairpersons: Jessica Hourigan & Dawn Ruiz

Car Decals
We offer car decals throughout the year. Send an envelope to the School Office with your name on it and enclose $2.00 for each decal and it will be sent back to you with in a day or two.
Chairperson: Sarah Mann

Shamrock Games
A PTO fundraiser that includes field events for our students and the Teacher Games, in which students nominate teachers for various stunts. (ie: waterballoon toss, free-throw shooting, etc.) Chairperson: Deana Price & Ryan Shuff

PTO Board

Tina Walsh

Vice President
Gayle Knoop

Past President
Deana Sehlinger

Katie Nash

Karey McDowell

Michael Bickett

Vice Principal
Taffie Duckworth