In June 1960, when Sts. Barnabas and Pius X became overcrowded, Archbishop Floersh appointed Reverend James J. Dalton as pastor of St. Martha Catholic Church. Seventeen acres of land were acquired on Klondike Lane.

     Construction of the church and school began and the first Mass was offered on Thanksgiving of 1961, with folding chairs as pews. The men of the parish constructed the rectory, garage and walk. The first bulletin on file reveals that there were 424 families registered.

     School for the children was held at St. Pius X in the afternoon from September through November 1961. There were three sisters and three lay teachers on staff. There were only 25 children in each grade, with the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th being taught by one teacher.

     Almost immediately, St. Martha experienced a very rapid growth. In the fall of 1964 there were 131 children registered for the first grade. The graduating class in 1965 totaled 110 students.

     In 1977, St. Martha was the second largest school in the archdiocese.

     Kindergarten became part of our school in 1993. In 2002 Pre-Kindergarten was also added.

     Completion of the Sister William Carrico Hall was a highlight of the year 2000. This welcome addition let us expand, adding three classrooms and an Art Room.

     We welcome your visit! Come see how we have grown over the years!


Mission Statement
As a Catholic School we are called to promote the Gospel message of community and service to others based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church. It is our intent that, in this setting, all students will strive to discover, experience, and share their dignity as persons through worship, education, and daily Christian Living.

Saint Martha School recognizes itself as a dedicated community of teachers, parents, and students given the opportunity to teach and learn together. We believe that Saint Martha School shares with the home, the church, and the community the responsibility for the total development of the students, realizing that the parents are the primary educators of their children.

Saint Martha School, therefore, is dedicated to presenting a pattern of life - spiritual, intellectual, and social values - which leads to the formation of the whole person according to Christian teaching.